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艺术 & 人文学科

Want to explore the complexities of the human mind and have a passion for communication in all its forms? Immerse yourself in this creative and engaging study area where you can choose from a diverse range of specialist and interdisciplinary courses in arts, 设计, 媒体和交流, 心理学, 犯罪学和社会科学.


  • QILT标志


    ECU has been ranked top public university in Western Australia for teaching quality and student support in undergraduate 沟通s, 创造性的艺术, 心理学, 和人文, 文化社会科学. 来源: QILT 2020年学生经历调查.

  • 好大学指南2021


    ECU’s 5-star rating for undergraduate teaching quality has been achieved for 15 straight years! 在本科技能发展方面也获得了五星评级, 学习者参与, 学习资源, 学生支持和整体经验. 所有的评分都是西澳大利亚州公立大学中最好的.


  • 排名的影响


    ECU在性别平等方面排在前50位(第24位), Good Health and Wellbeing (24th) and Quality Education (41st) in the 2021 Times Higher Education Impact rankings, showing how universities are working towards the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • 2020年世界大学排名前100名


    ECU has been ranked in the world's top 100 universities under 50 years old in the 2021 Times Higher Education (THE) Young Universities Rankings. 查看排名.


皇冠app官方版的 course structures allow you to specialise in one area, or gain expertise in multiple areas. 皇冠app官方版知道你拥有的多技能越多, 你就越有可能在当今复杂的技术中成功, 社交和创意世界.

为了增加你找到工作的机会, 皇冠app官方版混合实用, hands-on experiences and industry placements with a solid theoretical background.

艺术 & 人文学科



皇冠app官方版的 未来的学生活动 include a mix of on-campus and online sessions 设计ed to help you decide what to study at ECU.






体验艺术 & 在ECU人文.



奖学金认可那些人生旅途可能充满挑战的人, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.



We are the only university in Western Australia to offer specialised majors in Children and Family Studies and Human Services within a 社会科学项目.



  • ECU 艺术 graduate Cherish now operates her own business, employing over 40 young WA artists.

  • 讲师布鲁克·查普曼和学生们在ECU讨论青年工作, 包括他们从一年级开始的实践经验.

  • Youth Work graduates and students talk about their placements as Youth Futures.

  • 认识一下历史系的学生, 政治, 媒体和写作课程的学生在ECU 山·罗莉学习.

  • 设计 graduate Sasha Lai talks about the satisfaction of working on a client brief as part of her studies.

  • 艺术 & 人文学科 Senior Lecturer Dr Christopher Kueh talks about his research and his 设计 philosophy.

  • Dr Shane Rogers investigates the unique pattern of how our eyes move during conversation.

  • Highlights from 艺术Hum, the annual exhibition and awards show for our School of 艺术 和人文.

  • ECU Youth Work graduate Jemma now works as a Youth Support and Development Worker at Youth Futures.

  • 这门课程需要从心理学等领域学习, 社会科学和法医学并将其应用于犯罪领域. ECU犯罪学 & 司法学生Declan Brooks-Crew将为皇冠app官方版详细报道.

  • Dr Nikki Rajakaruna's research focuses on policing and she has managed projects on police use of force, 与警察操守和在警务工作中使用情报有关的问题.

  • ECU 媒体 and 沟通 graduate Kate is now working as a Business Journalist at The West Australian.

  • Meet Elliott Chipper – ECU Postgraduate Broadcasting graduate and new reporter for Channel 7 in Brisbane.

  • ECU's 艺术 courses are a dynamic, creative and critical immersion in culture, history and politics.

  • Meet students who are majoring in Visual 艺术, Photomedia and Fashion courses at ECU 山·罗莉.

  • Dr Madalena Grobbelaar talks about the human mind and Counselling studies at ECU.

  • ECU 心理学 and 犯罪学 graduate Taylah is now working as a Community Corrections Officer.

  • Meet a diverse group of students who are studying an equally diverse mix of courses at ECU 山·罗莉.

  • 与主修平面设计的学生见面, Interactive Multimedia and Environmental and Spatial 设计 at ECU 山·罗莉.

  • 认识一下皇冠app官方版广告部的同学, 屏幕上的研究, 媒体 and Cultural Studies and Broadcasting courses who are studying at ECU 山·罗莉.


  • Jerrie Demasi

    Jerrie Demasi

    ECU广播毕业 & 第九频道珀斯新闻主播

    I chose ECU because it is simply the best option for studying broadcasting in WA

    You get so much hands-on experience and real-world advice from lecturers and tutors who are often professionals in the industry.

    The lecturers offered a no-nonsense approach to the industry and really prepared me for a field of work that is not glamorous and not for the faint-hearted.

    I had no misconceptions about what I was signing up for which made me feel more than prepared for work experience. I have stayed in contact with my lecturer and she continues to help me with my career decisions – even today.

  • 艾米莉劳




    我最大的挑战一直是克服我与阅读障碍的斗争, 尤其是写作之类的东西. 但ECU的讲师和工作人员在这段旅程中对我的帮助至关重要. They taught me the knowledge and skills and provided the flexibility for me to create a full-length feature at only 21. I cannot wait to showcase all that the university has taught me on the big screen!

  • 犯罪学和司法学生乔治亚·威廉姆斯




    ECU's 心理学 and 犯罪学 course offered units no other universities offered, 包括“纯真计划”. This hands-on project allows us to investigate real cases of alleged wrongful conviction. It has been extremely beneficial to work on this in teams, and use practical skills.

    The facilities are excellent and being able to study online is very helpful and convenient. 这让我可以在我临时搬到州际的时候继续我的课程.

    The lecturers I had were fantastic; all friendly, approachable and experts in their fields. The entire study experience at ECU has been rewarding, enjoyable and has helped me grow as a person.




ECU课程的入学途径不止一条. 这取决于你已经学过什么,或者你的工作或生活经历.

费用 & 奖学金

课程学费可能会改变,但皇冠app官方版可以给你一个估算费用. 如果你符合条件,奖学金或学生贷款也可以帮助你.


申请课程的过程相当简单, 特别是如果你有资格证书的扫描件, 你的简历或其他文书工作, 准备上传.


开始一段旅程是令人兴奋的,有时也是令人畏缩的, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.