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The Western Australian Academy of 表演艺术 is one of the world's leading performing arts academies, recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its acting, 舞蹈、音乐、戏剧和音乐毕业生.


  • QILT标志


    ECU has been ranked the top university in Western Australia in the Creative Arts discipline for undergraduate teaching quality, 教育经历, 学习者参与, 学习资源, 技能发展, 和学生的支持. QILT is an annual independent Australian government survey.

  • 好大学指南2021


    ECU’s 5-star rating for undergraduate teaching quality has been achieved for 15 straight years! Five-star ratings were also achieved for undergraduate 技能发展, 学习者参与, 学习资源, 学生支持和整体经验. All ratings are the best for a public university in Western Australia.


  • THE World University Rankings 2020 Top 100 Young


    ECU has been ranked in the world's top 100 universities under 50 years old in the 2021 Times Higher Education (THE) Young Universities Rankings. 查看排名.



WAAPA提供世界一流的教学, concert facilities and performance opportunities for aspiring professionals in acting, 跳舞, 经典, 爵士乐或当代音乐, 和音乐剧.


皇冠app官方版的 未来的学生活动 include a mix of on-campus and online sessions designed to help you decide what to study at ECU.


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Scholarship opportunities to reduce your expenses

奖学金 recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.



皇冠app官方版的 graduates excel in their chosen professions around the world, confirming WAAPA's well-earned reputation.

许多著名的演员, 舞者, 音乐家和音乐戏剧明星, 包括休·杰克曼, 梅格Mac, 弗朗西丝·奥康纳, 洁考特尼, 威廉麦克因尼斯, 丽莎·麦克卡尼, 露西杜拉, 戴克这样蒙哥马利, 艾玛·马修斯, 杰米·欧勒, Eddie Perfect and Tim Minchin have called WAAPA home.


  • “当你选择在WAAPA学习, you'll be joining one of the world's most celebrated performing arts academies, recognised for the quality of its graduates-turned-stars."

  • 皇冠app官方版的 Certificate IV in Aboriginal Performance helps First Nations students refine their performance skills.

  • Get an experience you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

  • Music graduate Pavan talks about the experiences and opportunities offered at WAAPA.

  • WAAPA’s production of Crazy for You at His Majesty’s Theatre 在珀斯 provided opportunities for students Holly Ballam (Stage Management) and Samuel Moloney (Music Theatre) to combine their backstage and on-stage skills under the watchful eye of industry professionals.

  • Watch WAAPA's unique interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • 皇冠app官方版的 Bachelor of 表演艺术 (Performance Making major) prepares self-reliant and entrepreneurial artists to be the initiators of their own work.


  • 伊恩·迈克尔



    WAAPA really prepared me for the industry in every way possible

    I really fell in love with theatre and the process of making it when I was at WAAPA and from pretty early on knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

    I enjoyed the hard work every day and the shows I saw at WAAPA are still some of my favourite pieces of theatre I've ever seen. WAAPA really prepared me for the industry in every way possible.

  • Mackenzie邓恩



    The WAAPA Musical Theatre course was an unbelievable launching pad for me and my fellow class mates into this crazy industry we call the performing arts

    One of the many invaluable opportunities we were given, 也是我个人的一个亮点, was working with professional creatives (choreographers, 导演和作家).

    Even at the end of a sweaty fourteen-hour day – that could have possibly included a keyboard spot test, 一个高风险的现场演示, 一首曲目表演, 排练节目编排, a ballet class and a costume parade – WAAPA was constantly buzzing with passion and was an amazing place to study for three years.

  • 伊芙琳·罗伯茨



    WAAPA has been such a fantastic institution for me to study at

    能够完成文凭, 然后是高级文凭, and then articulate into a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) is just amazing. The 跳舞 faculty is outstanding and staff are really helpful in guiding everyone on their own individual journey. 例如, they gave me their whole-hearted support in entering me in the Genée 国际 Ballet Competition last year, leading to my selection as a finalist to perform at the Sydney Opera House.


Things you should know about if you're thinking about studying here.


There's more than one admission pathway into an ECU course. It depends on what you've studied already, or your work or life experience.

费用 & 奖学金

Course tuition fees can change, but we can give you an estimate of your costs. If you’re eligible, a scholarship or student loan can help too.


应用 for a course is a fairly simple process, especially if you have scanned copies of qualifications, 你的简历或其他文书工作, 准备上传.


Starting a course is an exciting and sometimes daunting time, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.